The 4ZzZ newsroom has a strong history of providing a quality independent news service for the Brisbane community.

We provide a forum for many important local and international issues which are ignored or distorted by the mainstream media. In doing so we go beyond the 30 second news grab, and strive to delve further into issues which affect our lives and that of our planet. All of the news produced at 4ZzZ is done so on a volunteer basis, so our people are passionate about what they do.

4ZzZ is your radio station. If you’d like to be involved in the newsroom we’d like that a lot! If you’d like to volunteer at 4ZzZ and be part of the news team, you can:

  • Drop into the station at 256 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley between 10Am-4PM on weekdays and 12Pm-3PM on Saturdays;
  • Give the station a call on (07) 3252 1555 and leave a message for the News Department, or
  • Email us at info@4zzzfm.org.au