Tuesday Zedlines, March 22nd

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman is expected to announce this morning he is quitting Council to run for a seat in State Parliament.

The announcement will come after four days of speculation that Newman will soon replace John-Paul Langbroek as leader of Queensland’s Liberal National Party.

Newman is expected to contest Dr Bruce Flegg for the seat of Moggill.

Emergency services have concluded their nine week body search of the Lockyer Valley.

Three people are still officially listed as missing, although police have said periodic searches of surrounding areas would still be maintained.

The Lockyer Valley was one of the worst affected during the Queensland floods, with the majority of flood related deaths occurring in the region.

The Fijian Ministry of Health have announced a previous virus outbreak has been contained.

The virus, which was identified as a strain of influenza, infected roughly fifty Fijian students, leading to six hospitalisations.

A spokesman for the Ministry said better understanding of basic hygiene was needed to prevent future outbreaks.

A prominent Queensland mining identity has told the Brisbane District Court he made a payment of sixty thousand dollars to former Beattie Cabinet Minister Gordon Nuttal.

The court heard yesterday the minister approached Harold Warner Shand about cash to buy houses in April 2002 and the payment was made over a two-month period.

Mr Shand is on trial on charges of making a corrupt payment.

Prime Minister Gillard has given her support for the new draft national curriculum.

Parliament Question Time was given over yesterday to discussion of the draft’s coverage of culture as a complex system of concepts, values, norms, beliefs and practices”.

Ms Gillard, who identifies as an atheist, said she supported the right of children to choose their own values.

Western air strikes on Libya are said to have made impact on Moamar Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound and Southern strongholds.

The air strikes, led by the United States, France and Britain are coming under some international criticism for going beyond the United Nations no-fly zone resolution.

US President Barack Obama said the ultimate goal of Western air strikes is to force Gaffafi from power.



Protests are continuing in the Victorian region of Lake Tyers. A small group of Indigenous women are currently blocking the region’s administrator from entering from the town.

The protesters are demanding to be allowed elect their community leaders. Currently, the government appoints an administrator, after it disbanded the previous council for a breakdown of authority.

Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jeanette Powell said she will not talk with the community until the protest is disbanded.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has announced that he will run for LNP pre-selection for the state seat of Ashgrove.

After days of speculation, Newman has formally contested a switch to state politics, although many expected him to run for the seat of Moggill.

Newman says if successful he will resign as Lord Mayor. The announcement was made from Suncorp Stadium this morning at ten thirty.

High levels of radioactivity have been found in seawater near the Fukushima plant in Japan, leading to further concern about food contamination.

Vegetables and milk exports from Fukushima have already been recalled, although government spokespeople claim it is just a precaution.

There are also concerns over radioactive substances in local tap water.


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