60,000 Protest Anti-Union Law In Madison, Wisconsin

Workers in the US state of Wisconsin have been protesting in the capital, Madison, for seven days now, with at least sixty thousand rallying on Saturday. They are protesting a planned law that would ban public-sector unions from trying to negotiate about anything except basic wage rates, and would also ban them from even asking for wage increases above the consumer price index.

Protesters near the Wisconsin Capitol on Saturday February 19. Photo by flickr user _kristy_

The law would also make it legal to sack any state government employee who takes part in any industrial action, and force those employees to pay more for their health and pension funds. The law has been proposed by newly-elected Republican Governor Scott Walker, who received donations for his campaign from the right-wing billionaire activist Koch brothers.

Protesters occupy the Wisconsin Capitol. Photo by flickr user pchgorman.

Protesters have occupied the state capitol building over the weekend, while Democratic state senators have left Wisconsion so a vote cannot be held on the law.

Click here to download the full text of the planned law (pdf file)


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