Tuesday Zedlines, January 4th


A Queensland Hotels Association spokesman has denied there will be a sudden increase in pub and hotel foreclosures following the Global Financial Crisis.

Roughly five per cent of pubs in Queensland currently face financial difficulties.

Inflated prices during the mid-2000s, and supposed unfair loaning practices by banks have been blamed as the cause of the current credit difficulties.

The Greens Party have called on the ALP to seek an injunction in the International Court of Justice against Japan’s seasonal whale hunt.

Over the weekend, two boats from the controversial conservation organisation Sea Shepherd were hit with powered water jets from a Japanese whaling fleet they sought to disable.

The LNP have also called for Australia to form an independent body to monitor annual whaling in southern oceans.

A spokesman for a Tasmanian Aboriginal activist group has warned they will not move from the area of planned bridge construct on a significant indigenous archaeological site.

Part of the proposed bridge runs through a region said to hold roughly three million artefacts, some of which could be up to 40 thousand years old.

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke has placed an emergency heritage listing on the area, however concerns have been raised that construction could begin later in the week.

Northern Territory Treasurer Delia Lawrie has raised concerns over the ethical benefits of the national mining tax.

Under the national Minerals Resource Rent Tax, a 30% tax will be placed on the profit made, based on the value of the resource.

A senate inquiry into the scheme is currently in progress.

The Electronic Frontiers Association have raised concerns online commerce may suffer as a result of campaigns by major retailers.

An open letter published today by companies including Borders, Harvey Norman and Myer, called for the Australian Government to raise the GST level on imported items.

The EFA said the benefits diversity offered by the internet should dissuade any changes aimed at hindering online shopping.

Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzennegger has announced he will retire from political this Monday, following the completion of his second term.

The former body builder and movie star was first elected in 2003, garnering the moniker Governator. He was then re-elected in 2006.

Mr Schwarzennegger has not yet announced any plans for his future career.

The New South Wales Nurses Union has announced bed closures in Wollongong, following failure to meet demands for improved nurse to patient ratios.

The union has been in negotiations since November, asking for one nurse to every four patients. More closures have been threatened if the situation continues.

A spokeswoman said the closures would affect non-urgent matters, but urgent or intensive care would not be affected.

Cairns scientists have launched the world’s first biological attack on dengue fever.

The attack involves releasing thousands of mosquitoes, infected with a bacteria that stops the transmission of the disease, to breed with the local population

Cairns has undergone some of the worst fever epidemics in Australia over the last two years. There is currently no vaccine for the disease.


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