Brisbane Line: Wikileaks Rally planned for Sat Dec 18; Interview with campaigner


The Wikileaks website continues to release confidential information from the US Government.


One recent US State Department cable that has been released by Wikileaks reveals the South Korean Vice Foreign Minister claims some Chinese officials are willing to see North Korea be re-unified with South Korea. Another shows the oil company Shell asked the US Embassy in Nigeria to lobby the government there over a Petroleum Industry Bill which Shell opposed.


However the arrest of spokesman Julian Assange in London, and attacks on the website’s ability to operate, have brought people out in the streets to support Wikileaks. After last week’s rallies in Brisbane, activists met last night and decided to keep the campaign going. They decided to hold another rally this Saturday, December 18. That rally will be at midday in Reddacliff Place in Brisbane Square in town, just across George St from the top of the Queen St Mall. Click here for a Google Map.

If you like using Facebook to manage what you’re doing, there is a Facebook event for the rally if you click here, and a Facebook group to defend Wikileaks and Julian Assange if you click here.

David Jackmanson spoke to Socialist Alternative’s Rebecca Barrigos yesterday about the meeting, and asked her which groups were involved in the campaign. Click on the player below to hear the interview



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