Meeting for Wikileaks Support Campaign 6.30 Tonight at QUT in Brisbane City

101213 Rebecca Barrigos Of Socialist Alternative Talks About Wikileaks Campaign Meeting by David Jackmanson  
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101213 Rebecca Barrigos Socialist Alternative Wikileaks Zedlines.mp3 (456 KB)

Activists who support Wikileaks will meet tonight in Brisbane to plan a campaign to make sure it stays open.

Rebecca Barrigos of Socialist Alternative talked to four triple zed news about tonight’s meeting. Click on the link above to hear what she told us.

All interested people are welcome at the meeting, which is at 6.30pm in room 224 in the B Block of the QUT Gardens Point campus in the city. Click here for a Google Map with public transport information

Although Paypal, Visa and Mastercard have all refused to handle donations for Wikileaks, a Swedish website called Flattr is still accepting payments for Wikileaks.

Meanwhile, US State Department cables released publicly by Wikileaks recently include ones that reveal oil company Shell asking the US Embassy in Abuja to lobby the Nigerian Government on a Petroleum Industry Bill which Shell opposes, trends in ownership and the political stances of various Saudi Arabian media outlets, and sharp criticism of the leadership of the Burmese National League for Democracy.



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8 responses to “Meeting for Wikileaks Support Campaign 6.30 Tonight at QUT in Brisbane City

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  2. M

    I’m wondering why I’m seeing a poster for this planning event that suggests it’s elusively organised by the Socialists?

    Why does it always have to be a political party that takes it upon themselves to force their ideology on others through the medium of a common cause?

    • Hi, I’m David Jackmanson; I wrote this report.

      The only contact details I had for organisers on the night before this event were for two different Socialist groups. I’ve seen no promotional material from other groups for such events yet.

      The only person from a non-Socialist organisation who took a leading role at last night’s meeting was the President of Amnesty Queensland, who made it very clear he was there in a personal capacity, as Amnesty does not feel yet it can take a stand on Assange.

      If you look at today’s Brisbane Line post on this blog about the meeting, and listen to the extended interview with Rebecca Barrigos, you’ll notice the first question I asked was about the range of groups involved in the campaign.

      If people are unhappy that Socialist groups make themselves prominent at these events, I’d suggest the answer is for other groups to organise as actively as they do and make sure their contact details are widely available.

  3. M

    Hey David,

    You attended the 2am lockout didn’t you? Good work! 😛

    Fair call, I’m just a bit frustrated that people cannot put aside political differences for one second to address a universal issue. It’s not that I have a problem with organisers but rather the shameless self-promotion, no political parties need to be promoted.

    Nonetheless I’m glad this is happening and alternative media is there.

    See you there.


  4. M

    Just for reference:

    • Ah, I see, I thought you’d misspelled “post” and meant this article.

      To be fair, at the meeting itself there was a fair bit of give-and-take. But yes, I think that poster is a bit counter-productive. However, since SA made and paid for it, and put it up themselves, there’s no real way to stop them.

      Yours is certainly not the only comment I’ve seen concerned that some groups may be trying to make this cause their own. I hope a big enough range of people get involved so that becomes impossible.

      And yep, I did a report on the lockout rally at Parliament House back in March.

      • M


        It’ll be very interesting to see the reaction by said groups when people turn up demolishing the false left / right political paradigm and whether that speech is tolerated.

        No I meant a poster, the poster of the event 😛

        But this isn’t a criticism of yours truly just a “what grinds my gears” rant ^_^

        Let it be said though that I’ll be on the watch for provocateurs instigating violence and the like. If you’ve seen protests around the world you’ll notice a pattern; provocateurs dressed all in black, left alone by police, instigate violence against police to justify a crackdown.

        I can safely assume with 99.9% accuracy that like me, you can only accept a peaceful, non-compliant resolution to any of our problems. A MLK, Gandhi style resolution.


        I’ll hail you if I catch you around, the friendly hail lmao

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