Almost 200 complaints every day about Translink services @translinkseq

A statement from Transport Minister Rachel Nolan last month claims that complaints about public transport provider Translink are at an all-time low. However the statement does not explain that the figures included in the recent Translink Tracker (pdf file) reveal Translink receives an average of almost 200 complaints every single day, as well as adjusting an average of almost 130 Go Card errors every day. Although Translink has operated South-East Queensland’s public transport since 2004, the complaint figures provided only go back as far as September 2008.

The Minister’s statement says bus and train passenger satisfaction has remained steady or risen. However Translink’s figures reveal fewer than seven out of ten of bus and train passengers are satisfied with reliability, affordability, frequency, the comfort of the ride, service efficiency, and published journey information.

Listeners wishing to check these figures for themselves may download the current Translink Tracker from the Translink website. Listeners are also encouraged to share their experiences with South-East Queensland’s public transport here or by emailing this reporter at

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