Wikileaks stays online, keeps taking donations, despite being dumped by Paypal and Amazon #CableGate

Paypal, an online payment service, has refused to handle donations for Wikileaks since that site released hundreds of confidential United States State Department documents last week. However, a company called Datacell is still accepting credit card donations for Wikileaks. 4ZZZ News asked Datacell by email if they intended to keep accepting donations for Wikileaks, and the company’s Andreas Fink replied “We have no reason not to do so”.

4ZZZ News has confirmed the legitimacy of Datacell’s donation page for Wikleaks by checking and finding it is linked to from a Wikileaks mirror site with a Switzerland web address.

The Wikileaks main site, and the site hosting the leaked messages, was also offline for parts of last week, after Amazon refused to host its material and EveryDNS refused to continue DNS services. DNS is how a computer translates the name of a webpage into an address a computer can recognise; without it an internet user would have to type in a four-number code to visit any website instead of the usual web address.

Wikileaks is currently available at and, and at for the leaked messages.


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4 responses to “Wikileaks stays online, keeps taking donations, despite being dumped by Paypal and Amazon #CableGate

  1. Dennis Spence

    This is the woman behind the rape allegations against Julian Assange

    Now tell me it isn’t politically motivated!

    • To be honest, guilty or innocent, I think Assange is now a distraction from the real work of Wikileaks. I doubt he can have a great deal of day-to-day control if he’s in hiding, and I hope that an organisation like Wikileaks wouldn’t rely on one person to keep running.

      David Jackmanson, 4ZZZ-FM Monday morning news team

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