Tuesday, November 23rd Zedlines

The cost of fixing the Queensland Health payroll system will be discussed in a report tabled in Parliament today.

Deputy Premier and Health Minister Paul Lucas said the cost is expected to be significant.

This week marks the last sitting of Queensland Parliament before breaking until the new year.

Palm Island Mayor Alfred Lacey has announced his disappointment with the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s findings in the Doomadgee inquest.

The inquest was into the 2004 death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee in a Palm Island prison. A coronial inquest alleged several police had acted unethically, and had assaulted Mr Doomadgee.

The CMC’s review found there was insufficient evidence to prosecute any of the men involved.

Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has launched a defamation suit against the Victorian Labor Party for an ad campaign.

The ad is alleged to mislead and imply improper behaviour. The VLP have dismissed Mr Baillieu’s action as a publicity stunt.

The matter is currently being pursued in the Supreme Court.

The Northern Territory Labor party has passed a motion urging the Federal Government to support gay marriage.

The NTLP are the first Labor jurisdiction to pass such a motion.

Both the ALP and Liberal party still officially oppose same sex unions.


Premier Anna Bligh has announced she is considering closing some regional dams to cut back on State expenses.

A survey in October found combined dam levels to be over 103 per cent. Another review also found costs from developing the state water grid would push annual water bills to 1350 dollars by 2017.

Ms Bligh said her government was considering several options to reduce costs.

The ALP and Greens party have attracted controversy for a deal made regarding the National Broadband Network.

Under the agreement, the ALP will ensure privatisation of the NBN will require parliamentary approval to proceed, while the Greens will support a move to divide Telstra.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the agreement showed the ALP were dumping election promises to favour the Greens.

Pope Benedict the 16th has sought to instigate debate on the morality of condom use following comments made in an interview.

While still rejecting birth control, the Pope said use by male prostitutes to reduce the chances of infection may be assuming a moral responsibility.

The Pope’s comments have sparked controversy among Catholic commentators and health workers, but a spokesman for the Vatican said the Church would not be lifting its ban on artifical birth control.


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One response to “Tuesday, November 23rd Zedlines

  1. Please rebroadcast the speeches from last weekend’s rally for marriage equality in Brisbane.

    Today’s [23/11/10] broadcast of the speeches on the ‘Brisbane Line’ show didn’t work.

    Given the clear biases of the monopoly media in Brisbane, it is in the interests of your subscribers and listeners that you do this.

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