Government Schools Face Enormous Disadvantage: Report

A recent report says government schools deal with much bigger problems than Catholic and independent schools, and have much less money per student. The Closing The Gaps report, by Trevor Cobbold of the Save Our Schools organisation, says independent schools spend on average about $15,000 a year on each student, while for Catholic and government schools the average is about $10,000. While Catholic and government schols spend on average roughly the same amount of money on each student, government schools have vastly more students from poor families, who are indigenous, who live in provincial or remote areas and who have a disability.

The report says between twelve and twenty billion dollars a year is needed to close the gaps between rich and poor students. At the moment less than two per cent of that amount is spent on programs for schools in poor areas. It says “[T]he way schools are treated at the moment “places more value on enriching the lives of those from privileged backgrounds than those who are not as well favoured in society. This is indefensible in a society that calls itself a democracy”

The report is part of a submission to a Federal Government review into school funding – click here to see the site or make a submission.

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