Fortitude Valley Park Redesign to Stop Homeless Aboriginal People Sleeping There

A park in Fortitude Valley is being redesigned to prevent homeless people from sleeping on chairs there. Trudgian Place, on the corner of St Pauls Terrace and Brunswick St (click here for a Google Map), has long been a place where local Aboriginal people gather. Last week, however, it was fenced off and all existing fittings and structures were demolished.

A sign on the fence says the park is being redeveloped due to “significant community concerns” about anti-social behaviour, homelessness, vandalism and violence. An artist’s impression of the new park shows that all areas inside the park where people used to sit would be replaced with flat ground. The sign specifically says chairs placed on the street edge of the park will be impossible to be slept on.

A report in the Rupert Murdoch-owned City News in March last year claimed the park was “out of control”. The report shows a photo whose caption says it is of police escorting a person away from Trudgian Place. However, the photo shows police leading someone in a westerly direction away from the entrance to the Valley Metro Mall, towards Trudgian Place.

The report also says Central Ward councillor David Hinchliffe, of the ALP, had recommended the redesign to council officers.

Click on the photos to see larger versions


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