Friday Zedlines, November 5th

Indonesia Is Ready to Help Singapore to Investigate Qantas Incident.

Indonesia will help investigate yesterdays Qantas incident.

Qantas flight QF 32 to Sydney, was forced to return to Singapore after experiencing engine trouble and having parts of the plane fall off.

The Federal Government will also be part of the investigation since the plane was registered in Australia.


Qantas Stop All Flights For Airbus A380

To more on the Qantas incident…. The Australian airline has stop all its Airbus A380 flights.

The Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce says they have decided to suspend all A380 flights until they are completely satisfied that sufficient information has been obtained on QF32.


Missing 44 Year, 2 Australian Army’s body found in Borneo

Two missing bodies of Australian soldiers have been found 44 year after they went missing.

In 1966, four Australian soldiers drowned in Kalimantan during a conflict with Indonesia. At the time, only two of the four bodies were found.

Australia requested assistance from the Indonesian military in 2008 and the discovery came after information provided by pro-Indonesian Dayak tribesmen in the area.

The two soldiers were Lt. Kenneth Hudson from Brisbane and Robert Moncrieff from Newcastle.





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