Wednesday Zedlines, November 3rd

Australia Gives $ 2.1 Million dollars For Rehabilitation of The Disaster affected Area In Indonesia.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard expressed her sympathy to the victims of flooding in Indonesia.

$ 500 million dollars has also been allocated for education to establish 2000 schools and 1500 Islamic schools.


A Melbourne man has been Saved From Death Because of Insomnia.

A car suddenly crushed into a house in Melbourne and destroyed a bed room yesterday.

Demitrios Bisbelis usually sleeps in that room, but because of insomnia he was saved from death.

Demitrios says that his bed was crushed and he would not have been safe if he was in bed at that time.


Australia Questions the Indonesian government about Clemency For Corby.

The President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono says that in Ms Corby’s case, she is already serving a reduced sentence.

The Indonesian government says in law enforcement there must be a respect of the judicial system’s independence.


The weather, in Brisbane today will be 26 degrees with a possible shower.



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