Thursday Zedlines, November 4th

Australia Warns of Terrorist Attack in Manila

The government of the United States and Australia has warned of the high threat of terrorist attacks in the Philippines.

The Australian government says there are credible reports that terrorist attacks might occur soon in Manila.

They also urge their citizens not to travel to Mindanao, southern Philippines due to the increasing threat of violence and kidnappings.

Australia Asks For Help To Malaysia To Solve Immigrant Problems

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has asked Malaysia about the establishment of asylum seeker support centers in the East Timorese.

Many people who fled from conflict areas often use Malaysia as a springboard into Australia , boarding via Indonesia.


There have been Dozens of casualties in the operation to free hostages in Iraq

At least 37 people were killed after Iraqi security infiltrated a Catholic church in Baghdad to free dozens of hostages.

About 100 people were in the church of Our Lady of Salvation during the Mass on Sunday evening, when a group of armed men attacked and seized all the churches.


The weather, in Brisbane today will be 22 degrees with rain at times.


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