Tuesday November 2nd Zedlines

The Australian government may face disciplinary actions from the United Nations after complaints lodged by the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement.

The ALRM claim the Gillard government has an obligation to provide justice for those of the Stolen Generation, but a lack of funding meant they’re unable to pursue the matter in court.

The Federal government announced considerations for a funding request.

The Queensland Police Union have criticised the Queensland magistrates for being out of touch, following a man being threatened with a contempt of court charge for using informal language.

The man was detained for half an hour for repeatedly referring to an Ipswich judge as “mate”. QPU President Ian Leavers said a double standard applied, as more serious crimes went unpunished.

However, commentators have defended the move, saying appropriate behaviour needs to be observed.

An Australian citizenship ceremony has been moved from a church hall in the Queensland town of Rosewood to a secular venue following complaints by Immigration officials.

Concerns were raised over whether the new citizens, who may be of mixed faith, would feel comfortable in the setting.

Ceremony organisers criticised the move as being overly sensitive. The Immigration and Citizen Department have said the event was a misunderstanding.

A Townsville coronial inquest will today hear evidence on the events surrounding the death of a Townsville man following a police tasering.

39-year-old Antonio Galeano was shocked repeatedly in June last year, following a call made by his girlfriend claiming he had assaulted her. Mr Galeano later stopped breathing while in police custody.

The inquest is expected to continue for another three weeks.

New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally has denied low polls will cause her to lose an election in 2011.

Support for the Australian Labor Party in New South Wales has dropped to 22 per cent, with Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell the preferred Premier by seven points.

Ms Keneally said the Opposition lacked the proper policy to lead the state.

Former Prime Minister John Howard has criticised the Northern Territory government for their Indigenous relations.

Mr Howard said Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough had failed to live up to commitments over the Northern Territory Intervention program.

Mr Howard instigated the Intervention in 2007.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Lawrence Springborg has announced plans to meet with Education Minister Geoff Wilson to discuss the future of a state high school.

Mr Springborg said the ALP’s Educational Department had no clear direction for the future of the school, which is expected to receive a student influx in 2014.

Regional executive director for the Education Department Greg Dickman said concerns were unjustified, as the region would not experience growth in the next five years.

A Sydney woman today faced court over allegedly attempting to steal Governor-General Quentin Bryce’s handbag.

Ms Bryce is said to have had her handbag grabbed while at a cafe in October.

The woman in question was apprehended by the Federal surveillance team who accompany the Governor-General at all times. The trial will continue on December the 8th.

ABC reporters have claimed the the new digital news channel ABC News 24 will force them to give less focus on original research.

This comes as international correspondents have been cut as part of cost saving measures.

ABC Director of News Kate Torney said the move will allow for more international bases to be established in the future.


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