Tuesday Zedlines, October 19th

The Brisbane City Council has signed a deal with British tech company i3 to provide fibre optic broadband to five hundred thousand homes over the next four years.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said he doesn’t want the plan to conflict with the proposed National Broadband Network, but the NBN’s implementation was taking too long.

Construction for Brisbane’s network is expected to start next year.

Victorian doctors are calling for a crackdown on venues that breach liquor licence regulations.

Though more than 15 thousand licence breaches were reported last year, only four premises were ever prosecuted.

A spokesman for the Australian Medical Association said responsible drinking should be more heavily promoted at venues.

Sweden has denied residency to Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange.

Wikileaks is a controversial website devoted to publishing sensitive documents, such as the list of websites blacklisted by Australian Communications and Media Authority, to the public.

Mr Assange has been given no official reason by the Swedish Migration Board for his residency denial.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned Ipswich will likely face floods following predictions of heavy summer rainfalls.

The Wivenhoe dam recently opened floodgates to relieve pressure after exceeding its capacity, causing floods downstream.

Ipswich residents have been warned local creeks may also flood.

A native title claim in Gippsland is expected to be resolved later in the week, following a decade long court process.

The result is expected to give Indigenous communities in Gippsland more power over natural asset management in the region.

The expected decision comes after Victorian Parliament passed legislation for settling native title claims.

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Faculty of Pain Medicine are calling for basic pain education to be included in medical students’ training.

Faculty spokesman Dr David Jones said the stigma attached to pain medications made some doctors reluctant to administer.

However, Dr Jones said pain treatment did not necessarily lead to addiction.

Local irrigation groups will tonight meet with Federal Water Minister Tony Burke over allocation cuts from the Murray-Darling Basin.

Up to 37 per cent of allocations will be cut under the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s proposal. Farmers claim this would devastate regional towns.

Two inquiries have been planned to investigate the social effects of the proposals.

A report commissioned by the National Association of People Living with HIV has found Queensland and Victoria to have the greatest expected increase in HIV-positive populations.

The report also found nearly half of those with HIV in 2020 will be over 55.

The findings will be officially released later in the week at the Australasia Sexual Health Medicine conference in Sydney.


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