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Brisbane Line – Report on Sat Oct 9 Pro-Choice Rally, Brisbane

Brisbane Line – Report On 101009 Pro Choice Rally, Brisbane by David Jackmanson And John Corlett  
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101009 Pro Choice Rally – Brisbane Line.mp3 (6515 KB)

The Pro-Choice Action Collective held a rally on Saturday October 9 to protest the trial of a young woman in Cairns. Tegan Simone Leach is charged under the Queensland Criminal Code with aborting her own pregnancy.

Click on the link below to download a report of the rally. You can see 30 photos from the rally if you click here.

Report prepared by David Jackmanson and John Corlett.


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Tuesday Zedlines, October 12th

Queensland has experienced flash floods following heavy rains across the the state.

Areas in the Gold Coast have experienced more than 250 millimetres over the weekend.

There are flood warnings current across North Queensland.

Lobbyists held a vigil last night outside a Cairns court protesting the trial of a man and woman facing charges of abortion.

The couple are charged with procuring a miscarriage and supplying drugs to procure an abortion. Pro-choice activists are calling for the laws to be stripped from the criminal code.

A pro-life spokeswoman said there were already more than 14 thousand abortions a year in Queensland, and the law was necessary. Premier Anna Bligh said the law is unlikely to be removed from the code.


Angry union leaders have threatened to break away from the Australian Labor Party over Queensland asset sales.

Although the prospectus for Queensland Rail’s coal freight business, QR National, has been released, unions have not given up the fight.

They chanted “Queensland – not for sale” in a protest held yesterday outside the Townsville office in north Queensland where Premier Anna Bligh is headquartered for the week.

Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser says it is unlikely the fuel subsidy will be re-introduced once the asset sale program is complete.

The State Government hopes to raise up to 5 billion dollars through the sale of Queensland Rail’s coal freight arm, QR National.

The eight-cents-per-litre petrol discount was scrapped last year at the time the sales were announced.

A former Queensland police officer who admitted bashing three people in custody will spend nine months in jail.

Benjamin Thomas Price was sentenced to 27 months- with parole after nine- after pleading guilty to four counts of assault while he was a senior constable at Airlie Beach police station.

Townsville District Court judge Stuart Durward described the bashings as “cowardly and contemptuous”, noting two of the victims, including a 20-year-old woman, had been in handcuffs.

The Queensland government has introduced a code of practice aimed at flushing out suburban sweatshop operators across the state.

Hundreds of migrants allegedly working in backyards and units are being paid no more than $5 a day to sew uniforms for state schools.

Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick yesterday announced the new mandatory code of practice would help expose business operators using contracting arrangements to avoid their obligations to their staff.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has met with Dilian President Jose Ramos Horta to discuss a potential asylum seeker processing facility.
The President has not rejected the proposed facility, but required the centre to be temporary.
An Opposition spokesman criticised the Labor Party for not having a strong enough border policy.

Adelaide Airport has been the centre of a major security breach after a man rammed his car through a wall before running on to the tarmac.

Witnesses have told media outlets that a man drove a Toyota Camry through a glass wall at the airport’s new terminal just before 8am.

The man then reportedly climbed a wall and tried to run on to the runway before he was tackled and arrested by Australian Federal Police officers.

The Opposition have criticised the Labor government for failing to deliver proper medical care to Central Queenslanders.

The government last year spent 6.8 million on the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme, which covers some travelling and accommodation costs for those needing specialist care.
A spokesman for the LNP said establishing regional centres would improve care options and reduce travel needs.

Former Labor minister Gordon Nuttall was allegedly caught on camera being told by a businessman that the Crime and Misconduct Commission “knew everything” about an alleged $150,000 kickbacks scheme.

A Brisbane District Court jury was told this afternoon it would see footage of Mr Nuttall, the former Sandgate MP, looking “dejected and despondent” at the Ferny Hills Tavern when he realised his corruption has been uncovered.

Prosecutors say the politician had just been told by long-time friend Brendan McKennariey that he had told the CMC about a plot to give Mr Nuttall thousands of dollars worth of kickbacks from state government contracts awarded to businesses associated with Mr McKennariey.

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