Live Music in Victorian Pubs No Longer Grounds for Expensive “High Risk” Liquor Licence Conditions

Victorian music venues will no longer be forced to hire crowd controllers just because they play live music, after a new agreement is signed in Melbourne today.

The licencee of the former Tote Hotel in Collingwood, Bruce Milne,  partly blamed the high cost of having to hire crowd controllers for the closure of the hotel last January.

Until an accord was signed between the Goverment and music industry bodies last March, Responsible Alcohol Victoria could force venues where live music was performed to hire crowd controllers. The March accord put that power on hold, and now that power is to be removed entirely. The March accord was signed after thousands of people rallied in Mebourne in February in support of live music.

Jon Perring, from Fair Go 4 Live Music, told 4ZZZ News the whole point of the discussion between music industry groups and the Victorian Government had been to separate the performance of live music from the way venues were run.

Quincy McLean, of SLAM (Save Live Australia's Music), said in a statement "The threat to the viability of our small venues has been stopped and our culture can be safeguarded".


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