Tuesday Zedlines, October 5th


Police say they are “very comfortable” with the circumstances surrounding the death of a man who was stunned with a taser stun gun during an arrest in Sydney’s west overnight.

Police said the man, believed to be in his 20s, was tasered when he allegedly confronted police with two knives, after they interrupted him trying to break into a house around midnight.

It is the second fatality in two days to occur during a police arrest in Sydney, coming 24 hours after another man died after being sprayed with capsicum spray and hit with a baton at a South Sydney Leagues Club.

The Queensland Liberal National party has given its support for Leader of the Opposition John-Paul Langbroek before parliament resumes today.

Mr Langbroek’s position had been in doubt following MP dissent, in-fighting and criticisms in the LNP.

Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser expressed doubt at Mr Langbroek’s longevity, saying the government expected Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls to lead at the 2012 election.

Opposition spokesman Malcolm Turnbull, has warned the cost of accessing the national broadband network will limit the number of people who choose to use it.

Mr Turnbull, who has yet to finalise the opposition’s policy on broadband, signalled the Coalition was unlikely dramatically change its approach to rural broadband following the federal election result.

Yesterday he challenged government claims the broadband network would benefit consumers and competition.

The government-owned NBN Co is likely to charge retailers about $35 a month, and is predicted to cost users roughly of $65 to $70 a month.

A Victorian man has become the first to be buried in a new eco-cemetery.

The body was wrapped in a bio-degradable shroud and placed vertically in the ground, without a casket or headstone.

Proponents of the new service cite benefits, such as space saving and carbon offset measures, as being better for the environment.

About one in three farmers in Australia’s food bowl could leave the land because of cuts to water entitlements in a new federal regime.

The NSW Farmers Association says the Murray-Darling Basin Plan will change the landscape of Australian farming forever, with a survey finding that 38 per cent of respondents would exit agriculture altogether if the plan failed to deliver the water necessary to continue farming under their current system.

A guide to the plan, including limits on water entitlements for environmental aims, will be released on Friday.

Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott has declined an offer by the Gillard Government to tour Afghanistan.

Though supporting Afghan commitments, Mr Abbott said he did not want the trip to detract from a planned meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

This comes after the Opposition called for greater military presence in Afghanistan last week.

Lawyers say they have resolved all pre-trial issues relating to former Queensland government minister Gordon Nuttall’s upcoming corruption hearing.

Nuttall, 57, is facing five perjury charges and five counts of official corruption.

He’s also charged with five counts of corruptly receiving or soliciting valuable consideration to influence favour in relation to principal affairs or business.

Results of the first ever global marine life census were unveiled yesterday, revealing estimates of more than one million species in the oceans.

The €470million international study discovered more than 6,000 potentially new species, and found that some species considered rare were actually common.

The research involved more than 2,700 scientists, 670 institutions, over 540 expeditions and roughly 9,000 days at sea. Nearly 30 million observations of 120,000 species were made.

Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek has criticised the Bligh Government for blocking ads critical of the state assets sale.

Treasurer Andrew Fraser said Opposition advertising guidelines had been changed recently. Mr Fraser also noted these had been reviewed by an integrity commissioner.

Mr Langbroek said extensive guidelines were followed when creating the ads.


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  1. Bill Alexiou

    I note in your article “Police say they are “very comfortable” with the circumstances surrounding the death of a man who was stunned with a taser stun gun during an arrest in Sydney’s west overnight. “you make reference to “a South Sydney Leagues Club” This may be misconstrued by some readers to mean the South Sydney Leagues Club. As Chairman of the South Sydney Leagues’ Club I wish to advise you and your readers this occurrence did not happen at our club but at a Leagues’ Club in the South of Sydney.

    Thank you
    Bill Alexiou-Hucker

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