Tuesday 21st September Zedlines

Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has withdrawn his contention for the role as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Mr Oakeshott withdrew following opposition from the Liberal National party, who believe his filling the role may be unconstitutional.

The LNP currently support incumbent speaker, Labor MP Harry Jenkins. As the Speaker is barred from voting on House matters, this would reduce the ALP’s majority from 76 to 75 seats.

The Greens Party have criticised the construction of a 450 billion litre dam in the New South Wales region of Tillegra as unnecessary.

The dam operators, Hunter Water Corporation, noted the necessity of avoiding extreme drought, despite claims the events predicted by the Corporation occur only roughly once every 800 thousand years.

The No Tillegra Dam Group have proposed measures, such as storm water harvesting and recycled water, as suitable alternatives.

Western suburbs residents could receive their first express bus services to the Brisbane CBD through the planned Northern Link tunnel.

A state government injection of $50 million would be required for the link from the Inner City Busway at Kelvin Grove.

Council expects Northern Link, which is set to open in 2014, to slice travel times between the Centenary Bridge and Inner City Bypass from 30 to 10 minutes.

Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott has urged parliament to delay considerations on overturning a federal ban on territorial euthanasia legislation.

Canberra Chief Minister John Stanthorpe called the ban on discussing legislation on euthanasia undemocratic.

Leader of the Greens Bob Brown said he will re-introduce a bill to restore the right of Territory Parliaments to legalise euthanasia.

Queensland police have been accidentally shot and tasered on eight occasions during the 18 months leading up to June this year, according to newly released WorkCover data.

Four officers received gunshot wounds, while another four were struck by the 50,000 volt Tasers.

During the same period, 254 officers were exposed to another person’s blood or bodily fluids during incidents such as assaults and scuffles, including seven who were penetrated by a needle.

Leader of the Queensland Opposition John-Paul Langbroek has announced an overhaul of the front bench before the next election.

This comes amidst calls for Premier Anna Bligh to be replaced by Attorney General Cameron Dick, however both have denied the possibility.

Ms Bligh is not required to call an election until 2012.


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