150 Yeerongpilly residents oppose rail tunnel in local street

Over one hundred and fifty people attended a meeting on Saturday against state government plans to force people to leave their homes in Yeerongpilly. The government plans to take over the properties to build the southern exit of a rail tunnel under the Brisbane River, so that more trains will be able to travel through central Brisbane.

Over twenty people spoke at the meeting. Professor Phil Heywood from the Queensland University of Technology spoke of other campaigns which had changed plans which were going to damage local communities.

Local resident Katherine Isles said she thought the Government had manipulated the planing process to decide on Yeerongpilly as the location for the tunnel.

Adrian Skerritt, chair of the meeting, said while the community opposed the Yeerongpilly tunnel exit, they were not opposed to public transport. He said he commuted to work daily by train.

After Transport Minister Rachel Nolan committed to provide the local community with information about how the Government reached its decision, a resolution to oppose the tunnel exit and campaign against it was passed unanimously.

You can see about 30 photos from the meeting if you click here.

Rachel Nolan And Adrian Skerritt Speak At The Meeting Against Yeerongpilly Land Resumptions 100918  
Download now or listen on posterous

100920 Zedlines – Rachel Nolan and Adrian Skerritt at Yeerongpilly meeting.mp3 (929 KB)


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