UPDATE: Complaint lodged against Swedish Prosecutor after WikiLEAKS founder’s rape charge dropped (headline corrected, said “Wikipedia” – error)

Julian Assange, spokesman for the Wikileaks website, is no longer suspected of rape, according to the Swedish Prosecution Authority. The charge was dropped less than twenty-four hours after the authority first confirmed Assange would be arrested. The authority said the charge was laid by a duty prosecutor but dropped when the case was taken over by the chief prosecutor. Swedish legal watchdog RO, the Rule of Law Organisation, has reported the duty prosecutor to the Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsman, according to a Swedish TV network. Johann Binninge from the RO said that the prosecutor had not done her duty and investigated the case herself, but had simply taken a police officer’s word.

A charge of molestation of an adult remains pending. Mr Assange said on Twitter that the charges are without basis. Another post on the Wikileaks Twitter account linked to a document apparently showing the US Governmnet planned to destroy the organisation as early as 2008.


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