ALP, Libs to negotiate with Independents to win office after Saturday’s election #AusVotes

The result of Saturday’s Federal Election remains in doubt, as the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal-led Coalition try to win the support of up to five key Independents. Depending on who wins currently undecided seats, the ALP will need at least one to three of those Independents to remain in office, while the Coalition would need to win the support of at least four out of the five.

Three of those independents, Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor have all agreed to work together as they decide which major party to support. While they are all former members of the conservative National Party, all three of them have either implied or directly said that the ALP’s proposal for a National Broadband Network is better for their voters than the Liberal Party’s alternative. West Australian National MP Tony Crook, who is not a member of the Coalition, and possible Independent MP Andrew Wilkie have also supported the network (References: KatterOakeshottWindsor (pdf file) – WilkieCrook)

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