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Brisbane has been ranked Australia’s third most sustainable city, behind Darwin and the Sunshine Coast.

The Australian Conservation Foundation rated Brisbane highly in categories such as education and health, but was noted for its heavy ecological footprint.

ACF executive Director Don Henry said despite the high rating, most cities still needed improvement before becoming truly sustainable.

The Regent cinema has shown its last film, Casablanca, to dozens in the Queen Street Mall.

Despite more than eleven thousand online protests, the Regent is set to be demolished to make way for a multi-story office block.

The cinema’s foyer and grand staircase, built in 1929, will be preserved, however Pamela Hill of the Save the Regent group has said she did not believe much of the intricate plaster work will survive the demolition process.

Former candidate for the seat of Albert on the Gold Coast, Andrea Johanson last night left the Liberal Nationals for the Queensland Party.

The party, which was launched by Beaudesert MP Aidan McLindon who also recently defected from the LNP, now has a total of two members.

However, in order to contest seats not held by Independents, at least another 82 members are needed.

Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser has denied ministers the right to bid for new expenditure as part of the government’s new fiscal principles.

Under the new program, the Bligh government will aim to ensure expenditure doesn’t rise faster than inflation and population growth combined.

The average expenditure growth for the next five years is forecast to be 4.06 per cent, despite real per capita growth being forecast at 5.1 percent.

The Rudd Government has said it will consult with internet service providers before signing up for the Council of Europe Treaty.

The treaty, which has already been adopted by more than 45 countries, sets a standard international framework for handling cybercrime.

The Attorney General Department’s national security resiliency division chief, Mike Rothery, has said any issues that may occur would be dealt with during consultation.

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