East Timor aid program to be cut

East Timor’s President, Jose Jamos-Horta, has written to the Australian ambassador to his country, protesting AUSAID’s decision to cut funds from an aid program.

The program, run by not-for-profit group Peace Divided Trust, currently tries to generate contracts for East Timor’s rural sector. Ramos-Horta says that the fund is the best way Australia is aiding the struggling rural sector of the tiny neighboring nation.

But a spokesman for AUSAID says that, sometimes, hard decisions have to be made about aid donations.

Posted via email from 4ZZZ News



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2 responses to “East Timor aid program to be cut

  1. Tracey

    i cant read the text. Is there an issue with formatting?

  2. I’ve fixed the text, it should be OK now. NO idea what happened when today’s news team posted that one, it’s really weird.

    BTW Thanks for your regular comments. Sorry I have hardly ever been able to reply (I do most of the admin work on the site, as well as being on the Monday news team). It’s great that someone cares enough to comment.

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