Marches in Sydney last Saturday for International Whores’ Day

Sex workers marched in Sydney on Saturday to celebrate International Whores' Day, which was June 2. Nicolette Burrows, a Sydney-based sex worker, said "Sex workers make a significant and integral contribution to Australian society, yet we are rarely recognised for our unique skills and our profession is seldom afforded the respect it deserves. Sex workers are often discriminated against when applying for bank loans, credit cards or other financial goods and services".

CEO of sex workers' group Scarlet Alliance, Janelle Fawkes, said "Sex workers are often charged exorbitant fees for advertising our services; sex workers and sex industry establishments have been subject to harassment from neighbourhood resident action groups, and international sex workers wishing to work in Australia are routinely denied work visas on the basis of being workers in the sex industry".

The Scarlet Alliance said International Whores' Day marks the anniversary of a week-long occupation of St Nizier Church in Lyon, France in 1975. Street-based sex workers were protesting against police intimidation, harassment, arrest, and lack of action investigating violent crimes against sex workers. When local authorities threatened to remove the children of the protesting sex workers other mothers came forward to stand beside sex workers in a show of solidarity.

In Queensland, the Crimson Coalition is a group of current and former sex workers working to improve rights and conditions for all sex workers.


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