) Tuesday, June 1st Zedlines


Liberal Senator Gary Humphries has raised questions in the Senate over government spending.

Senator Humphries said the Rudd Government paid nearly one point four million dollars more than the official valuation for a block of land in the Prime Minister’s electorate.

Officials have taken the questions on notice, but have not answered them.

A Hendra virus research centre funded by the federal government will close later this month.

This comes as a horse on the Sunshine Coast was euthanised on May 17th after contracting the virus.

The Australian Biosecurity Co-operative Research Centre for Emerging Infectious Disease spent roughly 1 million dollars a year on research, but was closed by a panel of experts.

The Opposition has called for a special enquiry into the Federal government’s 38 million dollar campaign aimed at promoting the proposed resources super tax.

However supporters of Kevin Rudd have noted the 420 million spent on GST promotion by the Howard Government in 2000, more than ten times the cost of the current campaign.

Mining magnate Clive Palmer has objected to the use of taxpayer dollars to fund the promotion.

The West Australian Government has been accussed of sidelining the Federal Government’s attempt to increase the number of high school students studying Asian Languages.

Schools can ordinarily offer asian languages not usally available to students for a minimal price, however under the Barnett governmnet, it costs roughly one thousand dollars per student.

Several schools have been forced to cancel Asian language programs as a result.

Aboriginal rock art depicting an extinct giant bird has been discovered in Arnhem land, reinforcing the belief rock art in the region is among the oldest in the world.

The giant bird, named Genyoris, resembled an emu with a giant beak and is believed to have gone extinct 40 thousand years ago.

The Electrical Trades Union has banned its members from working in uranium mines or any aspect of the nuclear cycle.

The Greens party have given their support for the move, adding they hope the ban will encourage positions to oopen in cleaner and renewable energies.

Roughly twenty percent of known uranium depostis in the world are in Australia

A report by the Local Government Association of Queensland has proposed lower payroll taxes in regional areas to encourage growth outside the south east.

However, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland has rejected the proposal, a spokesman for the CCIQ saying the system would create unfair expenses for businesses.

The Townsville Chamber of Commerce has suggested instead more government departments should be moved to regional areas.

A troop of Israeli commandos yesterday stormed several aid boats bound for the Gaza strip, killing ninteen and wounding twenty-six.

The incident prompted protests across Israe and has caused an international diplomatic crisis for the Israeli government.

Though two Australians were aboard one of the aid vessels, they are now being held in an Israeli detention centre and are expected to be deported.

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  1. Tracey

    Thanks for the headlines.

    lots of government ones

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