Tuesday, 25 May Zedlines

UQ and The University of Auckland students have gained insight into issues of Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand, thanks to a new exchange program.

Program coordinator Kelly Greenop says the exchange was established to allow students to undertake a comparative study of cultural landscapes and Indigenous issues in Auckland and Brisbane.

Ms Greenop says students benefited from meeting Maori and Aboriginal people and hearing about the places which matter to them and how they interact with the contemporary urban landscape.

The ‘Close the Gap’ campaign has used the National Palliative Care week to urge Indigenous health providers and Indigenous people to talk about dying and death in their communities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda says the week’s theme is called “If only I knew…how to talk about dying”.

Mr Gooda says it should remind Indigenous Australians suffering terminal illness of the need to prepare for the type of culturally appropriate care and treatment they would like to access.

1 The Human Services Minister, Chris Bowen, has been accused of preventing Centrelink from providing data to the Parliamentary Library for a research project it was conducting for the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott. The Senate President, John Hogg, says he would investigate what the Coalition branded "an abuse of power". Centrelink had told the library it could not provide information unless it knew who was seeking it and why.

Arts Industry bodies are protesting against Tourism Australia’s new marketing campaign “Nothing Like Australia” objecting the Government-funded agency’s efforts to source photographs free of charge.

Chief executive of the Australian Copyright Council, Mary Anne Reid, says that despite a united protest from Industry bodies Tourism Australia has refused to back down on the issue.

 The campaign will have free use of thousands of photographs submitted by the public to a Tourism Australia competition and entrants will receive no reward for their work.

The Obama administration has been brought under pressure to save the bluefin tuna and other rare species from becoming extinct.

The long-term environmental consequences of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has called upon the administration to grant endangered species protection to bluefin tuna.

BP officials announced they would pledge as much as $500m over the next 10 years for research into environmental consequences of the spill.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has condemned social networking site Facebook and former college student founder saying thesite has a complete disregard for users’ privacy.

Senator Conroy says the site has turned from one where prople could share photos and thoughts into one that profits from users information.

Senator Conroy is under fire from many in the internet industry for his proposed mandartory net filter – under the filter proposal sites such as Facebook and google might be expected to remove content that breaches Australia’s classification laws.

1 The Australian Greens says the Government's decision to examine the useof community land trusts comes more than two years after the idea was first putforward. Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens spokesperson for Indigenous Affairs says these announcements echo calls made advocating Community Land Trusts in 2008. Senator Siewert says this approach helps close the gap, strengthen communities and advocate long term changes that have been promised for so long.

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  1. Tracey

    thanks for the news.

    i do prefer the posts separate so i read what i want.

    there doesnt appear to be anyone doing the same thing. some post – some post single post- some post all in separate posts.

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