Police survey; are we friendly enough?

Approximately 10,000 drivers stopped at random breath tests on the south side have also been asked whether they think the police is ‘friendly enough’.

As part of a new survey, many pulled over for RBTs are being asked whether they think the officer completing the test is friendly, approachable, fair, polite, courteous and among other things, trustworthy. The questionnaire has up to 100 questions.

Yet neither the Queensland Police Media or Police Minister Neil Robert’s office took responsibility for the survey, which begs the questions; is the survey even legitimate and where on earth did it come from?

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One response to “Police survey; are we friendly enough?

  1. The survey is being conducted by the Centre for Excellence in Policing, based at Griffith Uni.

    The Courier Mail journo was told that, and even given a number to call, but chose instead to quote an off-the-record comment from police media, who had yet to receive the information.

    Each year, the QPS has about 5.2 million interactions with the general public. We want to give the public the chance to tell us what they think of our performance, and what we can improve.

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