Immigration detention centre re-opening amounts to criminal human rights abuse: Refugee Action Collective

The Refugee Action Collective‘s Ian Rintoul said today the Government’s decision to re-open a former immigration detention centre in the north-west of Western Australia amounts to criminal human rights abuse.

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship said last night the detention facility is expected to receive detainees in two weeks time, after a decision to re-open it.

The spokesman told 4ZZZ News two hundred and sixty beds were expected to be available at the detention centre, after work is done to make sure basic accomodation standards are met. The centre was closed in 2002.

The centre is at the Curtin air force base, near Derby, almost eighteen hundred kilometres north-east of Perth (see map)

The decision to re-open the detention centre comes after a series of statements by senior Liberal Party figures blaming the Prime Minister, Mr Rudd, for recent arrivals of asylum-seekers by boat. However research published on the website last December demonstrates Australia gets more asylum-seekers arriving by boat during wars and disasters overseas, not because of Government policy.


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