BREAKING: Freak Snowstorm Brings Brisbane to a Halt, Global Warming Blamed

A freak snowstorm has brought Brisbane, Australia to a halt. The sub-tropical city, which has never recorded snowfalls in more than 150 years of European settlement, was unprepared for the snow, and police have reported several car crashes on icy roads.

Dr Hans Jerkhov, a climate professor at the University of Brisbane, said that global warming was the likely cause of the snowstorm. “It seems odd to most people, when you tell them that a snowstorm is caused by warming. But as global temperatures rise, all sorts of extreme weather will happen. It’s like a rubber band: if you stretch it too far in one direction, it can suddenly snap and go in the other direction.

The Bureau of Meterology has already been harshly criticised for failing to predict the storm, but a spokesperson said “This storm came out of the blue. In literally half-an-hour the weather went from normal, with nothing unusual on our radar, to this snowstorm. We’re trying to work out what could cause such an unusual event”.

Residents of Brisbane are advised to stay at home until the snow can be cleared.


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