Utah, USA criminalises women who seek illegal abortions or recklessly miscarry

The Kasamaproject.org blog reports that the state of Utah in the USA has passed a law that means women who seek illegal abortions, or who miscarry because of reckless behaviour, can be charged with criminal homicide.

The American Civil Liberties Union has written a letter (pdf file) to Gary Herbert, the Governor of Utah, asking him to veto the law. However the law passed with over two-thirds of the vote in both houses of the Utah legislature, meaning that even if the Governor vetoes the law, there are enough votes to over-ride the veto. The letter points out that up till now in the USA, only those who provide illegal abortions could be charged, not the women who seek the abortion. It also says that a pregnant woman whose pregnancy miscarries because she is in a car crash where is was not wearing a seat belt could be charged with criminal homicide.

Meanwhile Queensland’s Pro-Choice Action Collective is organising a protest for Saturday March 13th outside Parliament House in Brisbane City. (The Facebook event is here). The protest is part of the Collective’s campaign demanding the dropping of charges against a young Cairns woman who allegedly imported a drug that would abort her pregnancy.


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