Whaling Fleets Beware

Australian Director of the Sea Shepard Conservation Society Jeff Hansen said we are completely shutting down the Japanese Whaling Fleet. 

Today marks a full week since a whale has been killed in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Hansen said potentially 70 to 80 whales have been saved.

"Basically when we're on the Japaneses Whaling Fleet they run and if their running then their not whaling.
Also if they do attempt to take their harpoon vessel off into the distance and harpoon a whale we're going to block them from taking the whale up the slipway.
At this stage we are completely shutting off their operation in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary," Hansen said.

The Sea Shepard Conservation Society's goal is to make it to two weeks.

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  1. I totally agree. Go the whales I say! One of my staff here at NVM has written a peice on the scientific whaling debate with a bit of a different angle. He met with the Japanese director of the Whaling program . It’s interesting, have a look if you’ve got time.


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