Interviews: Dr Rachael Dunlop @drrachie and Australian Vaccination Network @nocompulsoryvac President Meryl Dorey on AVN closure

The Australian Vaccination Network's President Ms Meryl Dorey said last week in a blog post that the AVN is likely to close because of lack of money. We spoke to Dr Rachael Dunlop, a research scientist, regular contributor to the Skeptic Zone podcast and critic of the AVN about the closure, and also asked Ms Dorey to respond to Dr Dunlop. After yesterday's Zedlines story on this topic, we now present the full interviews.

To listen to the interviews, click on the links below to listen on the 4ZZZ-FM News posterous site, or to download the interviews to your own computer.



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5 responses to “Interviews: Dr Rachael Dunlop @drrachie and Australian Vaccination Network @nocompulsoryvac President Meryl Dorey on AVN closure

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  2. reasonablehank

    Below is a post on the AVN facebook page which has somehow escaped removal for 15 hours:

    Gavin Brodie: “Meryl -you are a l***!

    I have just heard your interview on 4ZZZ, where you stated that there have been no large studies comparing rates of autism in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. That is absolute nonsense and you know it. Details of Madsen’s 2002 study have been posted on this page many times before by a numb…er of contributors (and have been removed by the admins, and the contributors banned each time).”

  3. reasonablehank

    This comment is a follow-up which has also escaped the eraser on the AVN facebook page:

    Gavin Brodie: “Here are the details again:

    Madsen’s 2002 study measured the incidence of autism in all children
    born in Denmark from 1991 to 1998. They compared the rates of autism
    in 440,655 children who were vaccinated to the 96,648 who were
    unvaccinated. The incidence of autism in the two groups was exactly
    the same (6 per 10,000) in both groups. (New England Journal of
    Medicine, vol 347(19) pg 1477-1482 (2002). If the MMR vaccine causes
    autism, why was the rate of autism not higher in the vaccinated group
    in this statistically sound study?

    Why do you continue to delete any posts mentioning this study, but
    continue to upload the work of discredited researchers like Wakefield?”

  4. It should noted that Meryl Dorey and the AVN are being investigated by the NSW HCCC for acting as a health provided and providing medical advise. Dorey has come out and said that they do not provide medical advise. However her own words from her interview damns her as she said @ 2:04 ” You know, advising parents to take care with a medical procedure is not placing them at risk.”

    Those key words that Dorey says she and the AVN are not doing – “advising” and “medical”.

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