Indigenous activist calling on new Australian of the Year to use position to do more for his people .

Indigenous activist Sam Watson is calling on new Australian of the Year, Mick Dodson, to use his position to do more for his people, starting with a new national celebration date.
Professor Dodson has said 26 January alienates indigenous people as it celebrates the arrival of the First Fleet, and is calling for national debate on whether to change the date.
Mr Watson, who led yesterdays Invasion Day rally in Brisbane, marching from Parliament House to Musgrave Park, says more needs to be done, including addressing Queenslands long-running stolen wages dispute, the Northern Territory Intervention and the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act in Northern Territory.
Conversely a South Australian indigenous elder has suggested a new date be allocated to celebrate indigenous people as the first Australians, rather than change the 26 January date. Whilst Western Australian and Tasmanian indigenous spokespeople, Peter Yu and Nala McKenna also support a change of date to celebrate all communities, with Ms McKenna, also hopeful that Professor Dodson can his new position to advocate a change of date from Parliament.
To date, Prime Minister Rudd and Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull, have refused to consider any change to the current name or date.

Posted via email from 4ZZZ News


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