Reach Out Community and Family Care says the number of families needing help with food bills continues to grow.

Reach Out Community and Family Care offers free fruit, vegetables, and frozen groceries every weekday and on Sundays.

David Patch, a spokesman, says they offer a comfortable environment that goes beyond the traditional ‘foodbank’ concept.

‘Within three weeks of starting we were feeding about 30 families a day and that’s now increased to about 80 and we’ve seen the need growing. It’s an inviting atmosphere and we don’t ask a lot of questions, we feel that if people are coming to a church or a charity for food we want to lift their heads a little bit as a result of coming in, not only being able to feed them but to emotionally support them as well,’ Mr Patch says.

The Council of Australian Governments met in Brisbane to discuss options for national health care reform.

Although the decision has been delayed until next year, the Council will discuss the possibility of a Federal takeover of public hospitals, including GPs and basic dental care.

Calls have been made for a greater autonomy for clinicians, as well as more support for the health care workforce and a greater focus on preventative measures.


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